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Kraft Packaging Range

Our Semi Soft and Manuka 30+ Honey is packed and sealed in an innovative eco-friendly Kraft paper cup and lid.  The sustainably produced packaging is made from natural unbleached card and lined with a plant-based PLA biodegradable liner.   Honey is hygienically sealed with a PLA induction liner and tight fitting push on lid.

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Semi Soft

We have specially selected and blended honey to stay soft in the container - without the need for harsh over processing or ultra-filtration.   While other raw honey can crystallise hard as it ages, Semi Soft honey will remain spreadable so it can be spooned out easily to spread onto toast, dissolve into drinks or use in baking.


Our Manuka MGO 30+ Multifloral honey is crafted in the same way as our Semi Soft.  The honey is harvested from our hives located in the pristine Nelson Lakes region of St Arnaud.  All our Manuka 30+ honey has been independently tested to ensure it meets the NZ export standards for Multifloral Manuka Honey with a Methylglyoxal (MGO) at least 30+ minimum.

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what our customer's say

Hi there, I'm sitting enjoying some of your honey on my morning toast. Having never tried your honey before, I was instantly attracted to the compostable pottle!! It caught my eye straight away on the supermarket shelf.  Even happier with my purchase after tasting it.  Thank you for your efforts, I love the way NZ businesses keep making changes to better the environment.  Kind Regards   Suzanne, Christchurch

Hello! I've just discovered your honey in New World in Lincoln, Christchurch, and it is the most loveliest honey ever - exactly what I was looking for! I love the packaging, I love that it's 100% raw natural honey, and I love that it says the Latin name of the plant on there too! I work in horticulture so it's always nice to see something familiar :) Just wanted to say thanks so much for doing what you're doing! All the best, Emma, Lincoln

Local's Honey

Locally harvested, this 100% raw and natural honey, has been harvested from hives throughout the Nelson & Tasman suburbs. ​The honey collected from suburb to suburb has it's own unique flavour.  While honey from Atawhai compared to Nelson will be very similar, honey from Atawhai compared to say Redwood or Motueka will be quite different, in colour, consistency and taste.


In urban areas, the bees collect nectar from within, a relatively close radius to their hive.  This means that the honey will have all the pollen sources of the local gardens and fruiting plants as well as some of the native plantings in the hills surrounding.  When you eat this honey, you will be consuming minute amounts of these pollens, that the bees have transferred as they collect the nectar.

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