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We can extract,
blend or pack to
your specific

Our Extraction plant has been purpose built to extract honey quickly and easily. Designed on a single level, it is easy to wheel in & out honey supers and drums. With 2.4 & 4.0 tonne blending tanks we have many options on how we can extract, blend and pack your honey.


Our plant is RMP registered with MPI and verified by Asure Quality for processing to all overseas export markets.

Extraction Process

We can extract 3/4 or Full Depth Manley or Hoffman frames in either of our two 12 basket extractors. Our re-warming rooms are temperature controlled to ensure boxes are not over-heated and are at the right temperature to spin honey from the frames.

Frames are processed first through a Decapper machine to remove the wax cap, then through a Pricker loosener machine and then spun in either of our two 12 basket extractor spinners before being filtered through a vertical Humma centrifuge to collect any fine particles of wax.

During the extraction process, we have options to either pump your honey directly into drums or buckets or into our certified 4 or 8 drum blending tanks where honey is pump circulated and stirred to create homogenised batches.


In our dedicated blending and packing room, we can further process your honey or pack into a variety of jar shapes and sizes, fix labels and carton, and pack directly onto pallets ready for domestic dispatch or export overseas. 

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